Every slice of pizza is served from a 20” New York style pie that is individually hand crafted, using only the freshest & finest ingredients.  All pies are stone baked & served slightly charred.  Pies are then finished with a “Happy Ending” (drizzled with EVOO, sprinkled with oregano & grated Pecorino Romano cheese). We do not have Parmesan. 

Price per Slice …. 

Cheese - $5

Pepperoni - $5.25

Meatball - $6


Signature Slices of the day - $6 & up

    Extras for your Slice

Grated Pecorino Romano cheese - $.50

House made balsamic vinaigrette dressing - $.50

Marinara Sauce - $.50

Au Jus - $.50

EVOO - $.75

Oven roasted garlic cloves - $.75

House made lemon agave pesto, when available  (made with NO nuts) - $.75

House made spicy giardiniera - $1


The House - fresh romaine & arcadian mixed greens, house shredded parmesan cheese & imported South African peppadew peppers. Salad is tossed in our house made balsamic vinaigrette dressing, unless requested on the side

Small - $4

Large - $8

      Extras for your Salad

Grated Pecorino Romano cheese - $.50

Extra shredded parmesan cheese - $.50

Extra side of Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing - $.50

House made spicy giardiniera - $1

Add pepperoni - $2

Add salami cold cuts - $4

Add a sliced Meatball (served cold or hot) - $2.5

Add sweet Italian peppers (oven roasted tri-colorded bell peppers, onions, sliced garlic & hand crushed Valoroso pear tomatoes) - $3

Add house made spicy Italian Sausage link (served hot) - $5.5

Add shaved Italian beef (served cold w/o Au Jus or warm dipped in Au Jus)- $6.5


All sandwiches are approximately 8” 

Chicago Italian Beef - traditional Italian beef hand punched with garlic & coated with our house made rub. Cooked to medium rare, then soaked in Au Jus & smothered with our house made spicy giardiniera. Tell us if you want it Dipped or Regular.  Dipped means the bread is toasted golden brown, then the entire sandwich is quickly dipped in Au Jus. Served hot & wet. Regular means the the bread is lightly toasted & you dip it yourself with Au Jus on the side - $11.5

The Jimbo - our traditional Chicago Italian beef sandwich, with a house made spicy Italian sausage link added.    Get it Dipped or Not - $14

Salsiccia e Pepe - house made spicy Italian sausage topped with oven roasted tri-colored peppers, onions, fresh garlic & hand crushed Valorous pear tomatoes - $10.5

Passeggino - genoa salami cold cuts, sliced provolone cheese & mustard served on warm baguette - $7.5

        Extras for you Sandwiches

Extra side of Au Jus - $.50 

Extra side of marinara - $.50

House made spicy giardiniera - $1

Add sliced provolone cheese - $1


Chocolate Cannoli - house made  chocolate cannoli mix made with the perfect balance of ricotta & mascarpone cheese & 3 types of chocolate. Stuffed in a light & flaky pastry shell, topped with dark chocolate shavings & dusted with powdered sugar - $5.95

Pistachio Cannoli - house made pistachio cannoli mix stuffed in a light & flaky pastry shell, topped with freshly diced, oven roasted pistachio nuts & then dusted with powdered sugar - $5.95 


Coke, Diet Coke, Cherry Coke, Sprite, Root Beer, Fanta, Lemon-aid, Ice Tea - $2.5

Monster energy drinks (Ask about available flavors) - $3

 Mexican COKE glass bottle - $2

Bottle water - $1.5

Espresso (double shot) - $3

BEERS  On Tap - $6


Anchor Steam         

Stone  IPA (rotating handle)




Colossal Reserva

Robert Mondavi Rum Barrel Merlot

Coppola  Claret Diamond Red

Coppola Director's Cut Cinema                                                              

Rose …

Pinot Nior  


White …

Coppola Diamond Chardonnay                      

Two Arrowheads (White Blend)                       

Bring in your own bottle of wine to enjoy!   Cork Fee - $20